What Do the A Grade Study in class and at home?

What Do the A Grade Study in class and at home?

In the words of art, Williams- what does the A-grade student do and the C-grade student doesn’t do. He pays the price a little bit more. He works hard a little bit more he bleeds a little bit more. He studies a little bit more. He reads a little bit more. If you want to be at the top of your class you’ve got to be tough and you can’t quit. If you go out there this week and think you’re supposed to be somebody and you’re going to do something big. And you study hard and you prepare well for your exams and you give it everything within you. You’ve got a chance. It’s usually not just one huge decision that you make that makes the biggest impact on your life. It’s often all these small decisions that you make throughout the day. The ones that are seemingly insignificant but they all add up. When it’s time to go and study, are you going to study or you’re just going to spend another ten more minutes scrolling through Instagram. Are you going to go study for your exam that’s coming next week? Are you going to watch one more film on Netflix? It’s these little decisions that you make that impact your life. When you make your decision make the right decision.
It’s one foot in front of the other one little victory at a time that’s the only way we can do it. That’s all it is you just begin. You solve one problem, then you solve the next problem. Life gives you what you fight for. Life doesn’t give you what you want everybody would want to pass all their exams, all the time right. Everybody wants to be successful. Life gives you what you work for. If you want to win, you need to show up to your classes and demand success, and demand happiness. Desire and determination are everything. It isn’t Talent. It isn’t brains. It is in luck. Its desire and determination. You’ve got to have the will and the hunger to study hard and be somebody. This is your life. This is your legacy. This is who you are you’re writing your own history. Right now, you don’t put off your studying until tomorrow because tomorrow will become the next day, and the next, and then the next you will get you’re studying done today. You have to decide to be better than you were the previous day, to make the decision to get better grades than you got yesterday, to make the decision to be a better person than you were yesterday all starts by making one seemingly insignificant decision at a time a lot of students. They can’t get the same grades as their friends that are getting better grades than them. They think that getting an A grade is just too far out of reach, but there are some students that decided within themselves. I’m going to make it. Some people aren’t waiting for the perfect moment. Some people are moving out on their own because they feel within themselves. I got what it takes to make it. They’re not afraid about what their friends will think of them or what their teachers or parents will think of them because they know what they deserve, they know what they can create for themselves because these people have decided as they look into the future. Nothing can stop them. If you were write a book based on your life and give it to somebody with that book. Reading is worth. If you are not better to do something about it, you have the opportunity right now to change that we’ve all got 24 hours in a day all of us.
Bill Gates has 24 hours Barack Obama has 24 hours Elon Musk has 24 hours you have 24 hours, but what are you doing with your time. You’ve got to be honest with yourself. Are you letting time slip by wasted nobody’s going to be doing the studying for you? Nobody’s going to be reading the books for you or revising the exam for you got to do all that yourself. So, what are you doing with your time? Are you studying 9 10 or even 11 12 hours a day? Because that’s what a grade students are doing. That’s the part you don’t see you only see their grades. You don’t see the hours. They spend grinding behind their desk. I remember what chuckle will look. Once said my glory doesn’t happen in front of a crowd. It doesn’t happen in a stadium or on a stage. There’s no medals handed out. It happens in the darkness of the early morning and solitude where I try and I try and I’ll try again. You have to try with everything. You have to be the best you can possibly. You have to be better than what your friends thought. You could be better than what your teachers and parents thought you could be. And when you give an A grade in your next exam. No one can take that away from you and the next exam do the same in the next exam the same. Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to victory of will and discipline a victory achieved because you will not stop create the highest grandest vision possible because you become what you 3% Plagiarized 97% Unique. You must believe no matter how crazy it might sound to the other people who do you want to be kept pushing make miss year the year that you commit to yourself that you’re going to make progress.

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