What Makes Finnish Education Effective and Fun

What Makes Finnish Education Effective and Fun

What Makes Finnish Education Effective and Fun?​I think that it’s a great way of education that​you can have fun at the same time. You learn much better like that than sitting in a class staring at a book. My favorite thing would be unlocking new characters because it’s kind of like interesting to see who’s going to be next.

Then, you want to play it a lot because you want to unlock more things and get new elements. Therefore, unlearning games or games themselves or computer games is part of the old life. So it’s something that you actually. They got the idea. They got the pattern already to work with that kind of stuff and equipment. And then again, if you can learn something at the same time. It’s just great I know how easily they get all the information around them without even noticing it.
Moreover, I just wanted to get this benefits and kind of like introduce this new learning game to them. The society around us also wants today with schools so schools are not that separate islands anymore. We really start with the phone and we think that it’s very important to make games that are fantastic games. First and foremost, you could say that it’s like 70% entertainment and 30% learning. You can’t build these things in isolation so we have from the beginning. We looked at partnering at like “No”. We’re in in a very fortunate comic position already like. If you look at geography, we happen to be in Finland and pretty much.
Everybody knows that we have fantastic schools. We have fantastic teacher, so collaboration with the schools has actually been very easy and straightforward for us, and I think teachers here are very open to new ideas and already very familiar with this comic playful learning and fun learning, so I think that everybody has been very receptive to working together. We don’t see any reason why you know we couldn’t make all learning fun, and why you couldn’t learn pretty much like anything through playing games. This is why we make the game sit like. This is why we do what we’re doing to see the get tips like that to see their enthusiasm to see how unquiet are. They are if these games can inspire that and like sparks at and kids. I mean that’s the biggest thing. We can give you know and if that spark contributes to like chemistry learning. I think we can actually change the world.

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